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Unfold Admin is a conclusive and ultimate package for the management of all the online backend Admin portals, including social media Adminoratories, blogs, and so on. It has an incredibly fresh and practical design with extreme level of convenience and customizability. The coding is well-commented, differentiated and fully streamlined for easier editing and personalization. Unfold Admin premium HTML template is almost as easy to customize as a PHP, or other language for dynamic.

Here you get 6+ exclusively unique and research-based dashboard layouts. In addition, there are 2+ special social media versions with workable things, like chat widget, edit post widget, and form editing etc. All the dashboard pages define new dimensions and dynamics for building a truly modernized Unfold Admin backend.

Unfold Admin is a complete and conclusive package with all the modernized features and functionalities. A Unfold Admin manager can offer complete and extended facilitation to the user and community through a “social media posts” Form, Services Management, blog editing posts, “Get a chartsReport” System, Locations maps styles, Team Management, portfolio, Testimonials, Recent News, Gallery Management, Commenting System, Individual/Collective Management of subscribers, Blog Management, Newsletter Management, and so on.

Unfold Admin also takes good care of your online presence and promotion with its fully edge-to-edge fitting display on all devices, lightweight, streamlined coding and the use of other advanced SEO practices. Meanwhile, the premium built-in plugins and ready-to-use widgets save you a lot on technical, practical and financial aspects.

Our Moto:

Every single product launched by the professionally expert Webinane Team is planned and designed after extensive and laborious research work, thus bringing ultimate novelty to address the core issues effectively. The sole determination of our highly skilled and devoted team workers is to bring innovation in the field of HTML template & WordPress theme development that will provide the users with something that they would have never experienced ever before. While the website designing is becoming a promising business, there are also many serious and complex issues that are being faced by the global web community. The same, otherwise disappointing, problems are being addressed here for the utmost facilitation and convenience of the clients.

The Package Includes:

  • Innovative, practical design – perfect for Unfold Admins, social media, business, multipurpose, and so on.
  • Ultra-fresh and flexible layout. Well-commented, fully streamlined and differentiated coding for easier editing and personalization.
  • A complete and conclusive Unfold Admin template package with all the modernized features and functionalities.
  • 5+ outstanding, creative & research-based homepages layouts with extreme level of flexibility and convenience in customization.
  • 3+ Highly user-interactive services management styles along with a furnished Services Details page.
  • 3+ Fantastic Gallery Management styles with tabber, HD graphics and pagination support.
  • 4+ Great blog management styles with widgetized sidebar support and “Leave a Comment” system.
  • 50+ Lively & energetic elements UI styles. Choose a style with small or large number of styles.
  • Beautiful semi-transparent header styles with creative design and dynamic working.
  • Edge-to-edge responsiveness for a befitting display on all devices.
  • Comprehensive management of departments and services.
  • A highly user-benefitting “Get a Report” system, allowing online accessibility of Unfold Admin/reports to the subscribers. It requires just and email address for complete test status and details.
  • 30+ widgets for drag and drop
  • Dedicated “woocommerece” management section.
  • Flexible, responsive and user-interactive “inbox” form.
  • Carousel-based & classic style of mega menu
  • Special area reserved for “google maps” management with styles
  • Advanced SEO practices & lightweight for out-and-out search engine visibility.
  • Lots of ready-to-use widgets with compatibility for admin template
  • Complete step-by-step and visually guiding documentation.
  • Free 5-star customer support for 6 months.
  • Regular template updates.

Prominent Features:

Inclusive & Ultimate Unfold Admin template Package: Unfold Admin is an inclusive and ultimate package for the all-around, interactive and comprehensive management of a Unfold Admin templateincluding, multipurpose, social media and so on. There are integrated systems for the management of social network, Services, Departments, Online Reports, Locations, Team, printable invices, Testimonials, News, Gallery, tabels, Blog, Newsletter, and so on.

6+ Fresh & Practical Dashboard Designs: In addition to being unique and powerful, the 6+ predefined homepages are ultra-fresh in design with immediate practical appeal. Each has a dynamic design with an unparalleled combination and arrangement of all the relevant features for your Unfold Admin website. You can also further customize and personalize them with as much quickness and convenience as associated with a WordPress theme.

30+ Special widget Styles: widgets is important particularly because it creates the first impression about your project. Unfold Admin brings you thirty graceful and feature-full widget styles. Choose a widget to tell your success story or describe advanced features of your products or services.

Fully Streamlined, Differentiated Coding: : The coding of the template is based on high standards and top-line professionalism. Special focus on minimalism makes it considerably lightweight for smoother and quicker page loading. Meanwhile, the streamlined and differentiated coding contributes to the convenient and interactive editing of the features and sections.

Integrated “Get an Online Reports” : The integrated “Get an Online Reports” system allows the subscriber/user to search the status of their Unfold Admin or test reports and check the findings online. The widget is flexible and can be adjusted in main content area.

Testimonials Management with Parallax & Carousel: Build the confidence of your user with the help of users’ comments or testimonials. cool color combinations and beautifully crafted image serve to enhance the user interactivity. The gallery section is powered by masanory to facilitate easy switching between the posts. It is also flexible and responsive to give a well-aligned appearance on all the devices.

boxed layout and compact layout of side header: If you have research-oriented minds in your Unfold Admin templage, the Unfold Admin web building HTML template has special side header opening styles and the whole theme you can make in boxed version.

js charts styles Make the charts speak loudly about the skills and professional expertise of your team members. Give a reports by charts of total earnings, total visitors, total discount and so on.

3+ Imposing & Practical Gallery Management Styles: The 3+ built-in gallery management styles of Unfold Admin are full of fancy and finesse with immense practical worth. Though they are unique, there are certain similarities. they differ from each other with regards to inter-post spacing, animations and the placement of title.


bootstrap.min.js:It is a Bootstrap file with the latest version (v3.3.6). Certain elements (such as tabs) in the template have been designed with the help of this file.

jquery.min.js:This particular jQuery file renders functionality to all the other jQuery files featured in the Unfold Admin HTML template.

owl.carousel.min.js:The latest version of well known plugin OWL CAROUSEL has been used in the template, that is considered to be the best carousel due to the extra ordinary features that it provides.

jquery.isotope.min.js:The Masonary Gallery styles are built with the help of this plugin.

select2.full.min.js:The functinality of the select options

perfectscroll.js:This plugin is used for the scroll bar provided in different sections. It adjusts height according to the content and is also touch supported.

custom2.js:the charts initiliazation file jQuery file.

custom.js:It contains all the jQuery functions that have been incorporated in the template. It is well managed and properly commented.

Css Files:

style.cssThis is the main style file on which the overall styling of the template is based.

responsive.cssThis CSS file gets automatically activated when you are using the template on smaller screen sizes.

bootstrap.min.cssAs the template has been developed on ‘bootstrap’, all the styles of this framework are based on this CSS file.

owl.carousel.cssThe latest version of well known plugin OWL CAROUSEL has been used in the template, that is considered to be the best carousel due to the extra ordinary features that it provides.

font-awesome.cssThe style for fontawesome icons.

themify.min.cssThe style for themify icons.

select2.min.cssThe style for select options

color.cssAs the name suggests, the file belongs to the colour selection.

side panel demo

"js/styleswitcher.js" color changer of whole theme is onlye for demo


How to

How to make a header style change

You can make any header style simply by using a class i.e"main-page style1"For example, if you want to make the header overlap style, just add the class "style1" in this way:

<div class="main-page style1"

How to manage gaps between the sections?

For the top and bottom spacing for each section, the class "gap"has been used, which applies 100 pixels spacing to the section both from the top and bottom.

You can manage the inter-section spacing easily according to your page flow.When you use sections one after another, the spacing between the two sections becomes 140 pixels as the bottom space of the top section and the top space of the bottom section will join, and it will become awkward spacing.To manage this spacing between the consecutive sections use class "nogap" with the "gap" class in the section from which you want to avoid top space.

<div class="gap no-top"

How to change the email address in the Contact Form?

A premium working Contact Form has been used in the Contact Page of the template. To make this Contact Form send the emails to your email address, you need to put your email address in the contact.php file, which you will find in the package. Open contact.php in the editor and find this code:

$address = "example@themeforest.net";

Replace this email ID with your own email address, and save the file. Now the Contact Form will send emails to your given email address.

How to customize Owl Carousel for animations, slide switching, slideshow auto play, etc.?

Auto Play Slideshow: If you want an auto play slideshow, go to Owl Carousel initialization and add the code “autoplay:true” there as illustrated below:


If you want to deactivate the feature of auto play, just remove the code “autoplay:true” from the Owl Carousel initialization. In this case, the slides can be switched with the help of navigation buttons provided to the sides.

Set Slide Switching through Fade In/Fade Out Animations: If you want the next slide switching through fading, use the code “animateIn:"fadeIn", animateOut:"fadeOut" in the Owl Carousel initialization as illustrated below:


Set Speed for Carousel Slides: You can set the sliding speed as per your taste. For this, enter the code “autoplayTimeout:30000, smartSpeed:2000” in the Owl Carousel initialization and change its value as you want. It is illustrated below:


For further guidance, go to the live documentation of Owl Carousel by following this link:http://www.owlcarousel.owlgraphic.com/

How to change the map location?

In order to change the map location which is displayed on the contact page of the template. Open the "contact.html" file in an editor and go to bottom of that page you will see this:

								/*================== Map =====================*/
								function initialize() {
								var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(51.5015588, -0.1276913);
								var mapOptions = {
								zoom: 14,
								disableDefaultUI: true,
								center: myLatlng
							var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map-canvas"), mapOptions);

							var image = "images/icon.png";
							var myLatLng = new google.maps.LatLng(51.5015588, -0.1276913);
							var beachMarker = new google.maps.Marker({
							position: myLatLng,
							map: map,
							icon: image

					google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, "load", initialize);

In this code locate this line:

					var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(51.5015588, -0.1276913);

The two values in this code shows the latitude and longitude of the map. To change the location of the map you need to change these values. These values can be found from https://www.google.com/maps/. Go to https://www.google.com/maps/ and find your location. In the address bar you will see the two values separated with commas. Copy the values from the address bar and paste in the above code respectively. That"s All.

How to define your own new color scheme?

If you wish to change the color scheme of the template, it is very easy to define and apply it. Go to the "css" folder. You will find "colors" folder inside it. In this folder, you can locate "color.css" file. Open it in the editor. You will see a long list of classes separated with commas (,). Here you need to change the css properties for the background, color and border. For this purpose, just change the color code in that file and the color scheme will be changed in the whole template.

How to apply gray color on side menu

<div > for Gallery Photos Widget widget as shown below:

				<div class="main-page gray"	</div

In the next step, you are to paste this code on the given page where you want to apply the “Gallery” widget. In this way, the “Gallery Widget” would be applied on the given place. Similarly, you can repeat the same process to apply any of the other available widgets as well. As you apply, each of the widgets has potential to automatically adjust itself with the parent class.


The credit for the development of this marvelous template goes to:

  • Google Fonts
  • Bootstrap
  • Developers of Javascript files which have been utilized herein.
  • owl carousel team
  • Team of Webinane.com